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A matching app that connects two people on the inside

We believe that living with a partner where you can be true to yourself enriches your life.
Through our approach, we utilize scientific technology to visualize individual values, allowing each person to engage in relationships that prioritize their inner selves. We provide optimal matchmaking for those seeking deeper connections.
We are here to assist everyone who seeks a genuine and fulfilling romantic relationship through our matching apps "with" and "Omiai."

  • Total number of members


    • 10 million

    • 9 million

    *As of February 2024

  • Total number of matches

    200million matches

    • 100 million matches

    • 100 million matches

    *As of June 2023


Based on personality and values.

"with" is a service that started in September 2015, offering the ability to find compatible partners through a unique personality assessment based on psychology. It is primarily supported by individuals in their 20s and is known for its rich features that focus on inner aspects such as personality and values, as well as providing extensive support for those who are less familiar with matchmaking apps.

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Here are some testimonials from couples who have met, dated, and married on with.


The app to make your relationship dreams come true.

"Omiai" is a leading matchmaking app in Japan with a history of over 10 years since its launch in February 2012. It has amassed over 9 million registered members. As the name suggests, it strongly appeals to individuals who are conscious of pursuing marriage and is particularly popular among those in their late 20s and 30s who are passionate about finding a committed relationship.

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User's Voice

Here are some testimonials from couples who have met, dated, and married on Omiai.


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